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Fitness & Training Center

The new CSN Fitness & Training Center is a facility that will foster a winning mindset by integrating fitness, injury prevention, recovery and regeneration, in a well-staffed professional atmosphere.
Today over 80% of CSN’s Middle and Upper School students participate in at least one athletic activity or sports team, proudly representing our school in the county, state and beyond. This beautiful
10,000 sq. ft. facility will offer an expanded state-of-the-art fitness, training and human performance facility that has become essential.
Fostering wellness, workout programs will be designed to optimize performance and minimize injuries, giving our young athletes more opportunities to find success on the court, field, track, course, and in the pool. This transformational and beautiful 10,000 sq. ft. facility will place CSN firmly among the leading schools nationwide in our commitment to our students’ physical well-being, and academic and personal journey at CSN.
In order to support expanded athletic opportunities, a beach volleyball court will be strategically located adjacent to the Fitness & Training Center. This space will be used for both training and competition throughout the year.

A naming opportunity offers a rare but very visible way to connect yourself with Community School of Naples and all who enter or pass by a building. It becomes a lifelong connection.
Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyle choices in an environment that values, embraces, and enriches individual differences. We are committed to offering safe and quality programs, fostering personal growth and wellness in a location in which student safety is the priority. The new Fitness & Training Center will become a place “where the student body develops.”

Leave a lasting legacy by supporting one of the following naming opportunities in the Fitness & Training Center:

(Lounge Area)


(Free Weights)


(Stretch Area)


(Recovery Room)



For additional information, please contact Kari Greer in the Advancement Office at (239) 597-7575, ext. 183 or kgreer@communityschoolnaples.org