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Community Impact

The Juliet Collier Sproul Center for Community and Global Impact engages the entire CSN community in purposeful acts of service and leadership, and promotes a commitment to empathy that ultimately leads to the discovery of each individual’s potential to contribute meaningfully to the community, environment, and the world beyond.

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, we are so proud of the countless ways Community School of Naples students, families, faculty, and staff have been assisting the community around us.

Our core values of Citizenship and Stewardship have certainly been visible. Whether through acts of pure heroism during the height of the storm, volunteering their time, or by emotionally supporting those around us, we are helping to rebuild SWFL.

In order to make the most targeted and effective impact possible, school administration has chosen to focus on long-term solutions to many of problems our community will face not only in the days and weeks ahead, but rather in the months and years to come. This is not to say that we will forego volunteer opportunities in the meantime, but our focus will instead shift to how we can best support those in our community who lost their access to a safe and healthy home.

Mr. Michael Carpentier

Director of the Juliet Collier Sproul Center for Community and Global Impact

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