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Juliet Collier Sproul Center for Community & Global Impact

The Juliet Collier Sproul Center for Community and Global Impact engages the entire CSN community in purposeful acts of service and leadership, and promotes a commitment to empathy that ultimately leads to the discovery of each individual’s potential to contribute meaningfully to the community, environment, and the world beyond.

Welcome to the Juliet Collier Sproul Center for Community and Global Impact at the Community School of Naples.

This center was formed thanks to the dedicated work of one of CSN’s founders, Mrs. Juliet “Judy” Sproul. Much like she did during the formation of the school, Judy saw a need for transformational leaders in our community and created this center to fill that need. We seek to create service opportunities for students to discover their own individual potential to contribute meaningfully to the local community, to the environment, and to the world beyond. The center oversees service-learning opportunities in all three school divisions, assists in service-related college advising, and oversees our Global Exchange program.

By establishing community partners, the center creates both volunteer and internship opportunities for our students.

We seek to create transformational leaders who utilize connections initially formed through the center to pursue their passions to form a vocational identity.

This transformational pursuit starts through character development and values-based education in the Lower School, continues in the Middle School with more community-based service opportunities, and culminates in the Upper School with students developing and leading their own service initiatives rich with opportunities for reflection and growth. The center works to create a structured and intentional pipeline for our students to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Currently much of our service opportunities center around environmental responsibility, seeing as the unique environment of SWFL is at the heart of our broader community, but other service involves veterans’ affairs, helping the less fortunate in the Collier County community, and much more. We seek to create service opportunities for all members of our community including faculty, staff, and parents, so as to give students wonderful role models who lead by example and illustrate that a commitment to service and the world around us is a life-long pursuit.

The center will also coordinate our trips abroad for students in grades 7-10. CSN currently features a fantastic Global Exchange program in which students travel to sister schools in Munich, Germany and Valencia, Spain, but teachers are able to organize separate trips to foreign countries as well and we are looking to expand our global outreach to more locations in the near future. These trips have students stay with host families and learn about how cultures abroad solve their local problems with the goal of students developing globally inspired solutions to local issues here in SWFL. Students from our sister schools abroad then come to stay with us as we educate them about our culture and our solutions to problems.

Come serve our local and global community with us!

Mr. Michael Carpentier

Director of the Juliet Collier Sproul Center for Community and Global Impact

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