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Diversity and Community Life

A Statement from the Board of Trustees


Community School of Naples is committed to the development of each student’s distinct, individual capabilities and personal potential. To be fully engaged in their own learning, every student must have a place of comfort and inclusion in the larger community.

At CSN, we know that our lives and the life of our school are enriched by the diverse cultures which exist among and around us. World experiences help shape our students as global citizens both within and outside of our community.


As we strive for academic excellence, we also embrace diversity, inclusion, depth and decency.

We achieve this by ensuring that everyone is welcomed. We teach our students how to be open to various perspectives, understand and bridge our differences, learn from them, and then move beyond mere recognition to a genuine celebration of individuality.

We respect the many languages, religions, nationalities, ethnicities, identities, backgrounds and personalities of our students and colleagues.

Most of all, we place the highest of values upon the differing perspectives and varied contributions which each member of the community brings to our school, our nation and our world.

Mr. John N. Allen
President, Board of Trustees

Dr. David Watson
Head of School


Diversity by Numbers


Our students come from all around the world.

Countries of Birth

CSN's student population comes from 40 different US states.

US States Represented

Diversity of language is represented across students from all divisions.

languages other than English spoken at home

CSN has a thriving international program.

International Students


Clubs and activities at CSN are desinged to be inclusive and culturally rich.

extracurricular clubs that focus on diversity and inclusion

Celebrations of culture and festivals from other countries is an integral part of a student's curriculum.

events celebrating various cultures

Our faculty and staff members are from varied background and foreign degrees.

Of the student body receive some form of financial aid 

Enrichment through foreign travels during a school year contributes to the education of our students.

Identify as students of color