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Vision 2020- FAQs



Q: What is a Capital Campaign?

Periodically, the Board of Trustees identifies projects that may require a large investment from the school or the greater CSN community. In CSN’s history, such projects include the addition of the Landi Media Arts complex, the Upper School building, the Moe Kent Family Fieldhouse, and other aspects of our school that dramatically improve the quality of life and education for CSN students. Additionally, in a capital campaign we are seeking funding for the endowment, as it provides current and long-term support of our most valuable assets: students, faculty and staff.

Q. Why a Capital Campaign now? 

The success of CSN can be attributed to many things, most pointedly is the dedication, generosity and commitment of its founders, leaders and parents whose dreams became reality in the early expansion of our school. Our last Capital Campaign began in 2002, resulting in additional classrooms, athletic fields and other resources to accommodate a larger enrollment. The current campaign, Vision 2020 will focus on continued growth to our campus, with the addition of the Student Center and emphasis on the Fund for Faculty Excellence, as well as renovation of the Lower School buildings and our endowment. These are all investments in current CSN students, and students of future generations.


Q. What is an Endowment?

Basically, an endowment is a fund that provides income (or interest) permanently for a school’s annual use. The interest or earnings from the endowment (typically 5%) are the only portion of these funds that are ever spent to assure that the original principal will grow over time. For those donors who wish to support the long-term goals of the school, an endowment provides the opportunity of ensuring a gift that will keep on giving well into the future, providing ongoing support for the maintenance and upgrade of our expanding campus facilities or for scholarship and financial aid.

Q. What are the benefits of the new Student Union?

The new “hub” of the campus, the 35,000 square foot Student Union will house a full-service Bistro, administrative offices and new learning spaces for our students.  With the addition of the Bistro and a full-time food provider, breakfast and lunch will be available daily for ALL students.  Our youngest students in Lower School will benefit from the healthy menu offered and will be served in the MAC. Middle and Upper School student will dine in the Student Center.  The Bistro will also serve snacks to students after school has ended.

Q. What can I expect with the renovations in the Lower School?

Each building in the Lower School will see renovations and improvements that better align with our advancement early childhood curriculum, including a dedicated Lower School state-of-the-art STEM Center, which will be the only one of its kind in Collier County, and one of very few nationwide. Changes also include a newly dedicated Lower School Library.

Q. With the renovation in the Lower School, will we increase the number of students?

While there are no plans to significantly increase the number of students enrolled at CSN, we do recognize the need to expand to accommodate the matriculation of the Pre-K classes. Put simply, we have outgrown our facilities and these buildings will address the needs of our current enrollment. 

Q. Will tuition be increased to help pay for the buildings? 

The building will be funded solely by private donations through campaign efforts. Tuition increases address the educational needs of the students and the cost to operate the school.

Q. If I support the Capital Campaign, must I also support the Annual Fund?

Though we are grateful for your support of Vision 2020, the need for your continued Annual Fund support remains critical. The Annual Fund is a tax-deductible opportunity to support CSN. It is a yearly program that starts on July 1 and ends on June 30. The Annual Fund is designed to offset the operating costs of the school. This means that your contribution pays for the salary for your favorite faculty member, the upkeep of our beautiful campus, the air conditioning that keeps us cool, and much, much more. 

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