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Global Exchange Program


Study and Experience Life in another culture with the goal of becoming global citizens.


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Em Gesdorf Class of 2022

"I believe that a global citizen understands and accepts the cultures of the world, and wishes to become more familiar with them. I also think it means to think of one's self as not part of one particular nation, but part of the entire globe."


Christian Askar Class of 2021

"Participating in the global exchange program allows one to be immersed in another culture which is very important because living with another family develops lifelong friendships and enhances an appreciation for your family. When you’re a global citizen it boosts your self confidence and maturity levels because you’re not with people you've known your whole life."

Brent Bartholomew, Class of 2022

“I loved my time in Valencia, and participating in an exchange means being immersed in a foreign culture and learning their language.”  

Sebastian Askar, Class of 2020

“Having access to international networks is priceless and globalization has connected all cultures from around the world. With the rise of emerging markets across the globe, it's necessary to be immersed in different cultures because most of our future professions will require experience with international relations.”                

Isabella Korunda, Class of 2020

“Traveling to Spain is definitely one of my fondest memories of middle school. Experiencing a culture that was completely different than what I was used to was incredibly enriching, as I learned things that simply cannot be taught in the classroom.”  

Sam Goodwich, Class of 2020

“Participating in the CSN Global Exchange has changed my life. I have learned about and experienced two completely different cultures and made lifelong friends from all over the world! From touring and experiencing the festival of Fallas in Valencia to visiting many historical sites in Munich, both exchanges have been the best experiences of my life!” 

Director of Global Exchange Program
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