SSL Certificate

Middle School Curriculum

In light of Community School’s mission statement and research conducted by the foremost educational institutions today, we believe it is our responsibility as educators to enable students to think independently, deeply, and critically in every discipline. Children need ample opportunities to extend classroom work at home and in real-life scenarios. They need to: 

  • Read thoughtfully

  • Write meaningfully

  • Solve math problems using a variety of strategies

  • Think through concepts within content areas critically and with engagement.

Habits of Excellence

Students in Middle School should expect nightly homework. Middle School students are given the opportunity to select a study hall time as part of the elective selection process. Parents should assist their children in the learning process by facilitating in the completion of homework. For example, parents should provide their child(ren) with a quiet place to study, good lighting, and a desk that is the child’s own as well as review assignments placed in the child’s folder/binder, written in the planner, or posted on the school’s website. Parents should not do the homework for their children, but instead provide encouragement.

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