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Director's Review:

“We are that which we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”


May 19, 2017

Dear Parents and Students

CSN Athletics is committed to excellence, and this past year we witnessed a myriad of competitions that brought out excellence in our student-athletes.  Eight different athletes earned “Player of the Year” Finalist for Southwest Florida, 67 CSN student-athletes earned All-State or All-Area selections, and 14 CSN school records were set!  All in all, we competed in over 450 athletic events, traveled all over the state, and even played a few contests in Europe.  We also set a record time during our 4th Annual Athletic Awards banquet by completing the event in two hours and 35 minutes.  Thanks again to everyone who attended, as well as to the coaches for their timely speeches.

Congratulations to our latest selections for All-Area: 

Naples Daily News Spring All-Area Honors:

Boys Tennis – Sebastian Dounchis & Zach Schiller 1st Team

Boys Tennis – Nick Dounchis Honorable Mention

Girls Tennis – Brooke Jaffe 2nd Team

Girls Tennis – Lily Dounchis, A.J. Massoll & Katy Wells Honorable Mention

Boys Lacrosse – Robert DeVito 1st Team

Boys Lacrosse – Landon Micelle 2nd Team

Boys Lacrosse – Tyson Chur & Everett Rowe Honorable Mention

Boys Track & Field – Kane Aldrich, Joe Lang & Alex Murphey 1st Team

Boys Track & Field – Israel Anis, Jackenson Felix, Alejandro Landron, Jake Leonardi, & Dan Zuloaga Honorable Mention

Girls Track & Field – Sydney Eugene 2nd Team

Girls Track & Field – Emily Hanus & Bridget Krauss Honorable Mention

Lastly, I’d like to thank Ms. Amber O’Malley and Ms. Charlene Pascute for their hard work and dedication to your athletic program.  We thank them for taking pride in your student-athlete’s ability to compete, and ensuring that each and every event was presented in a professional environment.  Also, many thanks to those faculty members who gave their time and extra effort to staff the gates and scoreboards, and announce the games. This will be the final AD weekly letter for the year until we start back up in August.  Please check out our website throughout the summer as many of our coaches have already posted their sport-specific workout and conditioning sessions taking place June-August.


Bart W. Weiss, Colonel (retired) USAF
Director of Athletic Operations

All the proper paperwork needs to be turned in prior to the first day of practice.  Students need to have an up-to-date Physical, Consent, Concussion and Heat Related forms and Birth Certificate on file with the athletic office.  Per FHSAA rules student-athletes may not participate until the paperwork is submitted.  Check CSN website for changes and updates.  

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