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Learning & Technology Innovation

Technology infusion across the curriculum at CSN is a primary goal in meeting ‘Academic Excellence’ as we seek to prepare students with the 21st-century skills critical for thriving in a changing, global world. CSN is “driven by a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, shaped by a spirit of community and collaboration.” Therefore, innovative curricular design & technology is at the core of communication, skill development and collaboration among its community of learners.

Technology is witnessed throughout the school and proven when stepping inside the classrooms, outfitted with the state-of-the-art resources, Smart Boards, and computer labs with iMac computer stations.
Students are engaged in learning and understanding how to use technology in both effective and secure ways, especially given the ever-changing global digital environment in which we live.

Digital Citizenship curriculum is in place to address the many steps students, as ‘digital natives’ need to take to keep themselves and others around them safe while online. Important to the process, is managing and enhancing one’s digital footprint that student steps leave behind.

Dr. Vivienne B. Carr
Director of Learning and Technology

Technology News

MS Builds Insectabots

On March 17, MS Robotics students showcased their insectabots to visiting grandparents and special friends.  When assembling insectabots, young engineers learned basic robotics: how components work together; programming the walking motion; and iterative design. These bots may look simple, but it's extremely challenging keeping them upright! In the weeks ahead, students will iterate and introduce their own designs, culminating in a contest of speed and autonomously walking a maze.

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