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At CSN, our approach to helping students and families through the college search process is grounded in an awareness of our students and respect for them as individuals. A successful college search experience has several features, each overseen closely by the college counselors. First, the student needs to get to know the Upper School - academically, culturally and socially. We encourage exploration of extracurricular options, to help students identify their talents, strengths, interests and leadership possibilities.

Through meetings with students and families in group settings, we become acquainted with each other. Students, meanwhile, continue to learn about themselves, their interests and their strengths. By the end of tenth grade, they have taken some national testing, established their extracurricular interests, and are working on their academic potential. They are now ready to meaningfully begin their college search and urged to consider summer options that may include taking classes, doing community service, developing individual talents and, of course, visiting colleges.

Upon returning to school, students and counselors are now ready to discuss potential college matches for the individual student. At this point, we expect students to be ready to meet with the college representatives who visit CSN.Throughout the year, we host various college deans, and hold college forums and seminars. These are designed to more fully expose families to information that will prepare students to launch the formal application process by the beginning of senior year.

As college counselors, we are eager to guide and assist, and view this process as a partnership of students, parents and the school. Ultimately, though, the complexity of the college process requires students to reflect deeply upon themselves, their goals, abilities, interests and values. They hold two of the most critical decisions in their hands - where to apply to college, and once accepted, where to enroll. We are confident this rich mixture of individual, family, small group and large group approaches will provide students a list of appropriate schools and ultimately yield a college that is the right fit.

Peggy Rovins

Director of College Counseling

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Diana Martin

College Counselor

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 Casey Johnson

College Counseling Assistant

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