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Clubs & Activities

Community School encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities, activities that often extend and apply the ideas that they learn in academic classes. The benefits of such involvement are substantial. The students learn interpersonal skills that help develop leadership, confidence, determination, and responsibility. We encourage students to participate in no more than two co-curricular activities while playing seasonal sports. Students may wish to coordinate their co-curricular activities with their academic program to build on areas of strength. Students who wish counseling on the selection of co-curricular activities as they relate to individual college goals should meet with their advisor or with a college counselor. There is a Club Fair every fall to kick off student signups and share information. 

Academic Teams

Coding Team -  for both expert and beginning programmers: students work together solving problems (and having fun at the same time.)  The Team prepares for various programming competitions such as the American Computer Science League (ACSL), ACM-sponsored events at Universities, CSN's Programming Competition (NFPC) and Mu Alpha Theta contests.

Robotics Team - Students work together to design, engineer, and code a robot to play and win the current year's VEX Robotics Challenge.  Winning robots advance from the local level -- to States -- with the goal of playing in the World's biggest robotics competition in April.  To stay on the team, robots must reach certain performance milestones.  You will have a lot of fun while learning engineering design, project management, programming, teamwork, strategic thinking, and competitive cooperation.

Computer Science Club -The CS Club is a community for using computer science to make stuff. In weekly meetings, students will work in teams to develop apps or games for online and local hackathons. Students will travel to at least two hackathons in the Spring. Students also have the opportunity organize and host a hackathon in the Fall.

French Club- The purpose of the French club is to provide different approaches to learn French language and culture. Among activities sponsored by the club are French Congres (see description below), the French National Week, Mardi Gras, Chandeleur, Epiphany day with the Galette des rois,  conversations with Francophone, preparation of the French National Contest, and a dinner in a French restaurant. 

French Congres- Annually, thirty students from five different levels of French represent CSN at the state competition in Orlando. At Congrѐs, students compete individually in 25 events, including poetry recitation, impromptu speech, conversation, and reading comprehension. As a team, students also present a theater piece, a skit, a scrapbook, and a project in addition to competing in a French scholar bowl.

Spanish Conferencia-. Each year members of the Spanish Team meet weekly to prepare for the annual State Spanish Conferencia, which takes place in March in Orlando.  A maximum of 16 students from all levels compose our team and compete against other Florida schools in the areas of impromptu speaking, poetry recitation, and presentation of a dramatic piece. There are also opportunities to compete in music and dance, as well as cultural dress/regional costumes.

Latin Forum-  Florida Junior Classical League is an organization for high school students that promotes the study of Latin, Greek, and classical civilization. Members of the CSN FJCL chapter practice throughout the year to compete at both regional and state Latin Forum. Competitions include academic tests, creative contests, and a Latin scholar bowl called Certamen.

Chinese Club – The CSN Chinese Club prepares students to compete in statewide Chinese speaking competitions and provides students opportunities to present and observe Chinese cultural performances including such things as traditional song and dance.  Weekly meetings will focus on various topics on Chinese culture and strategies for practicing on presenting cultural topics in Mandarin.    

The Academic Quiz Team - Students compete as a team against other schools in an academic question and answer competition at both the varsity and junior varsity level. Questions range from topics in the Sciences, History, Geography, Current Events, Literature, Art and Music. The Academic Quiz Team participates in local, regional, and national quiz tournaments.

Academic World Quest- This is a program that is sponsored by the Naples Council on World Affairs (World Affairs Councils of America). It is a team game played by high school students that tests the competitors’ knowledge of international affairs, geography, history, and culture. CSN has represented the Naples Council on World Affairs in the Washington DC competition twice. This club will begin in November.

Mock Trial- The purpose of the Mock Trial competitions is to stimulate and encourage deeper understanding and appreciation of the American legal system. Important objectives include: improving proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and reasoning skills; promoting effective communication and cooperation between the educational and legal communities; providing an opportunity to compete in an academic setting; and promoting tolerance, professionalism, and cooperation among other young people of diverse interests and abilities. Students work closely for 6 months with Judges and Attorneys of Collier County.  Many practices will be held after school and in the evenings.

Mu Alpha Theta- Mu Alpha Theta is a national mathematics honor society that promotes the study of math. At CSN, all students are welcome to attend practice sessions in Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics.  The sessions will give students an opportunity to look at math from a different perspective and learn to deal with non-routine situations in math. If interested, students may then participate in local and state math competitions that are held from November through April.

Model United Nations- Student delegates study a foreign nation in depth, researching related topics of global interest. They learn parliamentary procedure, practice specialized writing formats, and learn the diplomatic art of negotiation and compromise.  Using the knowledge gained from their research of assigned countries and international issues, students negotiate among widely divergent views as they argue for and defend the positions of their nations as they participate in local, national and international conferences throughout the year. 

Harvard Model Congress- Recognizing that the future of any democratic state is only as bright as its next generation of citizens and leaders, Harvard Model Congress offers a comprehensive program of carefully designed American government simulations to prepare students for meaningful involvement in our nation’s government and society. The scope and depth of knowledge imparted by these role-play simulations offer students valuable hands-on experience, as they become politicians, cabinet members, presidential advisors, and reporters. Harvard Model Congress makes national problems immediate, brings political debate to life, and shows how legislative compromise is achieved. Students will be able to participate in a national conference in San Francisco.

3D Design & Print Club-Members of this club will focus on choosing designs for printing as well as to work on developing designs in 3D software to build and prototype their own models to 3D print. Students will have the opportunity to learn the 3D software or use their own skills for the development of models. Students will be encouraged, but not required, to submit their 3D designed model/prototype for STEM fairs and competitions/awards. Members of the club also will be provided with roles to operate the 3D printers and assist with printing models for students.

Special Interest Projects

Key Club- Key Club is a service organization sponsored by a local Kiwanis Club for high school students. The objective is the development of initiative, leadership ability, and good citizenship practices. The Key Club, which meets briefly every Thursday during break, plans and participates in a variety of service activities in the community throughout the year.

Admissions Ambassadors The Seahawk Student Ambassadors are a select group of CSN students who are dedicated to the positive promotion of Community School of Naples.  Student ambassadors serve as the official hosts and hostesses of the school, and are the first point of contact to many prospective visitors to the CSN campus each year!  The goal of the Student Ambassador program is to educate prospective students, families, school groups and the general public on the programs and resources and student life at Community School of Naples through leading campus tours, and various enrollment and donor cultivation events.  This privilege is available for application for the current student body in the 9th – 12th grade classes. Students may apply and then be invited to serve in the program. The Seahawk Ambassadors serve as an essential component in the school’s total enrollment and public relations efforts.

Wordsmiths- Members of Wordsmiths will meet once a week to engage in activities surrounding the love of literature and craft. With the officers and other members of the National English Honor Society, Wordsmiths members will help to organize Writers’ Week events and to produce Tessera, the school’s literary and arts annual.  Other activities of the Wordsmiths may include participation in poetry readings, poetry slams, and writing workshops, open mic nights, and seminars for students in other divisions.

Teen Court-  This program is based on the philosophy that a juvenile offender is less likely to continue to be an offender when a jury of their peers decides the punishment.  Volunteers in this program earn valuable experience in addition to service hours as they serve in the roles of attorneys, bailiffs, clerks, and jurors.   Collier County Teen Court meets on Wednesday evenings.

Spectrum -Spectrum aims to expose students to important current events in a safe, inclusive environment that gives them an opportunity to discuss prevalent topics in a supportive and productive way. The goal is to provide students with a place in which they can receive, digest, and ruminate on information that is currently shaping not only the global community, but also our CSN community. Topics include but will not be limited to issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and identity. Unlike a club that focuses on one particular topic or point of view, Spectrum aims to unite students with different perspectives through engaging discussion and reflection.

Environmental Club- In the Environmental Club, students will learn more about the major environmental issues in our community, as well as be exposed to opportunities to make a change right here on our campus. Our goal is to involve the student body by developing an understanding and admiration for the environment through various service and educational activities like Earth Week and campus clean-ups!


 Fellowship of Christian Athletes- This is a Student-led Club that focuses on Character, Integrity and Moral Values. This Club will be open to all students regardless of religious affiliation and will be a great way for students to generate fellowship and to support one another throughout the school year. Students will discuss ways to improve their ethical and moral values and will encourage one another to put these moral values into practice. 


AV Club- This club gives aspiring producers, editors, actors, and writers the chance to learn more about the art of filmmaking by working with like-minded peers on various projects throughout the year. Not only does this club allow upper school students to practice video creation through producing short films, but lower & intermediate school students can also join to work with the upper school students on the creation of the lower school daily news. All time that upper school students spend working with lower school students counts for service hours. This club also has access to filming equipment as well as a filming studio located on the CSN upper school campus.


Visual Arts Club- Art students will work together on K-12 art projects throughout the year.   This club is also for the art student who needs additional studio time to work.


S.A.M.E. Club-   Anxiety is a global epidemic for the majority of the young generation and not just for students taking specifically tough courses. The ultimate goal of this club is not only to provide support for members of the US student body, but also to gain awareness and appreciation on how others deal with stress. This club, which stands for 'The Stress and Anxiety Management Effort' (S.A.M.E.), will serve as a safe environment where students can come to openly discuss and talk through their own struggles, or just sit and listen to how others cope with anxiety. Topics ranging from school stress, to social media, to sports and other stressors may be brought up in the club to make sure all students are being reached and included. Meetings will be student led with support from Mrs. Toni Rhodes, CSN counselor, and other than discussions, will include activities such as pet-therapy, fun foods and meditation.


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