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Welcome Back 2020!

Dear Middle School Families,

As a parent, I can speak to the strength of the MS program at the Community School of Naples. My son Teddy began at CSN in his 6th grade year, August 2017. In May of 2020, he completed 8th grade at CSN. Teddy left MS ready for US—not as an autobot of readiness, but as an individual who practiced a routine of rigor for the last three years, who gained substantial academic independence, and who now has confidence in who he is and how to navigate challenge. And he is happy. He loves school.

As an administrator, I can testify that CSN MS teachers are exceptional professionals, providing students challenge and coupling it with support as needed and encouragement always. Every student, every day. The MS program provides a three-year, grade-team framework for students, an approach specifically designed to encourage students to enjoy childhood and, at the same time, begin taking steps toward adulthood, transitioning from pre-teen to teen, from student to scholar.  The MS program invites students to embrace, explore, and exercise Habits of Excellence during their tenure in MS:

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MS students enroll in five core courses: math, science, English, history, and world language. Additionally, five elective bands offer each student choice and approximately 258-hours of essential and distinct learning each school year.

  1. Instrumental Ensemble Electives
  2. Physical Education & Health Electives
  3. Fine & Performing Arts Electives
  4. Computer, Technology, & Innovation Electives
  5. Academic Electives

Elective courses are full of discrete vocabulary, content, technology, and experiential learning. They are a powerful complement to core classes. The cherry on top: Elective classes do not have homework. For the 2020-21 school year, MS students had the opportunity to choose from over 80 electives.

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The culture of CSN MS is community-minded, energetic, and positive. Students partake in traditions such as Spirit Week and Pi-Day, join clubs such as Chess Club and Conservation Club, and participate in a variety of community outreach, service learning, and environmental citizenship.

The 2020-21 school year is upon us. Go Seahawks!


Mrs. Colleen Potocki
Head of Middle School

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