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Lower School

Dear Lower School Parents,

The Lower School program provides each individual student with a child-centered environment that is focused on the development of the whole child. We deliver an academically rigorous program that is rich in content and dedicated to providing each student with a great depth of knowledge in all areas of learning. 

Our balanced literacy program builds from year to year to ensure that we are meeting the important benchmarks of childhood development through the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The mathematics program is also sequential and progressive, continuously scaffolding from concepts taught and knowledge gained. In both language arts and math, children are regularly assessed to ensure that instruction is differentiated and driven by the learning needs of each child. The learning environment is devoted to providing students with both enrichment and support to meet the individual and ever-changing needs of students. 

Special area classes help to ensure that we provide students with a robust curriculum that exposes children to many different areas of learning. Special area classes include physical educational, art, technology, library, music, innovation and design and World Language.

The Lower School is committed to cultivating an environment, in which all children experience a sense of belonging, discover excitement for learning, and demonstrate their levels of achievement through genuine learning assessments. Our learning experiences develop each child’s potential and demonstrate to students that they can make a difference in today’s society. We positively influence, motivate and nurture each child to ensure that they exceed their potential and continuously create new goals to achieve. 


Dr. Amy Moviel

Head of Lower School

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