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International Students

Community School of Naples offers students the highest quality college preparatory learning experience in a safe, beautiful and accepting environment. We encourage our students to use a global approach in their investigation of cultures, world languages and various countries. An integral part of our students’ education is the admission of highly qualified international students. International applicants must meet the standard admissions requirements and demonstrate a high proficiency in the English language. International students are required to submit the same materials as domestic students. At CSN, we offer a host family program that we believe creates the ideal learning environment for students to further develop their English skills as well as acclimate themselves to American culture.

International Program at CSN

In today’s globally centered world, it is imperative that young adults learn to interact and communicate effectively with people from across continents. CSN's philosophy is that students should engage fully in the world around them with purpose by experiencing those cultures first-hand. Combining the American environment at CSN with international influences allows enrichment in the classroom environment. Through this rich landscape of culture, students gain a better appreciation and understanding of the world around them and learn to lead across borders.

  • The International Program welcomes international students who are 14 to 18 years old to study at CSN.
  • Currently there are 22 international students at CSN; they represent approximately 7% of our Upper School student body, but this is expected to increase.
  • CSN is committed to expanding this important program and will continue its outreach to a variety of foreign countries.



  • Above average overall academic achievement
  • Good academic standing, conduct and attendance as indicated on the transcripts
  • Availability of appropriate space in the International Student Program
  • CSN does not admit post-graduate students
  • English requirement

For 9th and 10th grade applicants to be considered:
TOEFL (IBT) score 80 or above (Preferred test)


  • Admissions personnel may meet with the applicant in his/her home country; otherwise an in-person or Skype or other electronic interview is required.
  • Complete the application form accompanied by a recent photo and non-refundable application fee of U.S. $100.
  • Original and certified translated English copies of school transcripts from current year and last two years.
  • Recommendations from English teacher, Math teacher and a selected individual (non-family) who knows and can comment on the applicant's character, talents, personality and experiences outside of school.
  • A thoughtful and well-written Personal Statement, completed entirely by the applicant without assistance from family, teachers or agencies.
  • All applicants will be advised within 14 days whether or not they have been accepted into the program.
  • A letter of acceptance, enrollment contract, I-20 and other school information will be sent to the applicant by the Admissions Department.
  • To ensure enrollment, the tuition deposit must be received before the deadline stated in the letter of acceptance and prior to the I-20 being sent to the family.
  • The tuition deposit will be refunded only if a visa application is rejected by the U.S. embassy at the applicant's home country and the original I-20 is received from the applicant.

Host Family Program

All our host families are carefully selected and screened by the CSN International Program staff to assess interest, friendliness, and concern for student’s growth and development. Host families come in many shapes and sizes, but we will always offer international students a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. All our host families have a strong interest in welcoming an international student to their home and sharing their American way of life. 

The CSN International Program Coordinator will orientate new students to their new community and act as a personal support for each student throughout their stay. 

Tuition and fees for 2019-2020 school year

Tuition: $ 34,475

Accommodation: $16,000

First-year students: $6,000 enrollment fee 

TRP: $1,379

Medical Insurance:  It is mandatory that each international student who enrolled the program MUST have valid medical insurance in the U.S.

The students are required to provide the copy of medical insurance card with policy number upon arrival at school/host families.

The student can choose his/her own policies from his/her home county or purchase it in the U.S.

Reference medical insurance resource:

Other Forms

Medical Power of Attorney

Waiver of Liability

Copy of visa/passport must be provided to the PDSO once the student arrives at CSN within one week.

Additional resources for international students can be found by visiting the US Department of Homeland Security’s webpage Study in the States



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