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Director's Welcome

In support of our mission, the Athletic Department promotes a culture of continual learning with programs designed to empower developing athletes to live, lead, learn, and serve well. With over 85% of our student body participating in athletics, our fitness and training programs are created to help students master their physical and mental well-being, equipping them with the confidence and awareness needed to embrace challenges – on the field, court, course, classroom, stage, or in life. 

Community School of Naples offers a competitive athletic program, supporting 22 sports with a total of 46 teams for both male and female students in grades 6-12. We believe participation in athletics enhances the educational experience; therefore, we are committed to integrating a progressive approach in Middle School, offering our students opportunities to develop skills and strategies needed to perform at a more competitive level. Working with highly skilled and experienced high-performance trainers, CSN student-athletes learn what it takes to compete at the highest level while focusing on personal growth and commitment to their team.

The educational design of the curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and well-qualified personnel support a community-wide commitment to wellness that promotes and boosts health, fitness, and peak performance opportunities for every student, every day! 

Eugene Chung, Director of Athletic Operations