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At CSN we pride ourselves on being a top academic institution. We understand that a huge part of what makes a great student, a great academic, a great thinker, is music. We’ve seen study after study show us that music grows great minds. Music teaches children to work together and play together. Music teaches them to listen and to create from silence. Music teaches students that practice and hard work yield great rewards. Music connects to us in ways we don’t have words for and makes students think in ways nothing else can. 

At CSN, we have an elite music faculty that includes professional musicians and educators with years upon years of performing and teaching experience. 

In the Lower School all students take music classes twice a week. A general music curriculum is taught from pre-k 3 through 1st grade. Starting in 2nd grade they can choose to start an instrument or sing in the chorus. There are concerts several times a year and lots of support and opportunities for them to grow as young musicians. 

In the Middle School CSN offers a Vocal Workshop/Musical Theatre Class, an Orchestra and a Concert Band. Students play a wide variety of music including pop, classical, jazz and rock in the various ensembles. Groups perform various concerts on campus, take trips to competitions including an annual trip to Universal Studios in Orlando and perform locally for various events. 

In the Upper School CSN currently offers an Orchestra and a Jazz Band. Students play a wide variety of music including pop, classical, jazz and rock. In addition to concerts on campus, these ensembles perform out in the community regularly including hospitals, fundraisers and other special events. They are given the highest level of instruction from world class professional musicians.