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At Community School of Naples we believe the study of the visual and performing arts is a vital component of a well-rounded education. Through the arts, children develop an aesthetic sense and appreciation that will enhance all areas of their lives and further enhance a passion for lifelong learning.

The visual arts, music, and theatre programs at CSN are intended to inspire the creative thread that sews all other subjects together. An understanding of and experience with the arts are important to the creative problem-solving processes that all children must go through as they learn how to learn. Our school's programs bring to light the relevance of the arts in everyday life.

The arts are a wonderful vehicle for building self-esteem and confidence while encouraging students to explore, develop and to celebrate their own imaginations.


At CSN we pride ourselves on being a top academic institution. We understand that a huge part of what makes a great student, a great academic, a great thinker, is music. 


The CSN theater program includes the Upper & Middle School with classes that culminate in fully staged, choreographed and designed productions each semester. 

Visual Arts

Visual Arts students acquire skills to create high-quality art, develop problem-solving techniques for intellectual and artistic pursuits, appreciate the works of artists learn the value of the arts.