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The Science Department offers courses that provide students with a solid foundation in the sciences and with opportunities to acquire knowledge and appreciation of the natural world. Students of science courses also understand how scientific issues relate to their lives and to the well-being of our planet, and they recognize the interdependence between science and other fields of study. Because of the continually evolving nature of science, we aspire to create and refine scientific models for our students, whom we encourage to: make observations; ask and answer questions; maintain independence of thought while engaged in learning; participate in discussions; and develop scientific literacy. The Department endeavors to cultivate core academic skills, including critical and constructive thinking as well as the ability to communicate ideas and results clearly and accurately from a scientific perspective. Students participate actively in testing hypotheses, conducting experiments, analyzing data, and solving problems, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Well-equipped classrooms and technological innovations ensure that our students have numerous and applicable hands-on experiences. The Science Department course options provide students with opportunities to pursue their interests at appropriate levels of rigor, and this fosters the ability to become self-directed learners who pursue their own academic agendas. Students must meet the appropriate prerequisites and co-requisites for each course.