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The goal of the math program is to give students the mathematical skills, problem-solving techniques, and analytical skills necessary to excel in today’s society. Learning mathematics ought to be an active rather than passive undertaking, and both individual and group involvement help strengthen mathematical skills as well as afford students opportunities to view mathematics from multiple perspectives. Students learn how to think and communicate mathematically through varied forms of instruction. Mental math and problem solving strategies are incorporated into all courses.
The math department seeks to place students in math sections relevant to their skill level, and in which they will be challenged to think quantitatively, work efficiently, and contribute actively in class discussions. We offer a spectrum of courses from traditional high-school math courses to university level courses. The sequence of required courses begins with Algebra I and continues through Geometry and Algebra II, plus electives that include Precalculus, Analysis of Functions and Trigonometry, Calculus (College Prep, AP AB or AP BC), Statistics (College Prep or AP), and Advanced Topics in Mathematics. Graduation requirements for mathematics include four credits taken while a student is in the Upper School.

Note: Department approval is required for any student who wishes to enroll in two math classes simultaneously.