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Information Technology

Technology integration across the CSN campus enhances our curriculum and supports our mission as we prepare students to achieve great success in a global society. Our seamless infusion of technology leads the way in active, inquiry-based learning to deepen understanding and improve accomplishments. A technology-rich environment is at the core of innovation, communication, skill development, and collaboration among our learning community.

Technology is integrated throughout CSN and is visible in the classrooms. The Gupta STEM Learning Center, Innovation Lab, 3D Print Lab, Maker Space, and iMac Computer Labs also are outfitted with state-of-the-art wireless capability, Smart Boards, Apple TVs, and Cisco hardware and software. 

Students are engaged in dynamic learning opportunities and apply technology in effective, responsible, and secure ways, especially given the ever-changing digital environment in which we live.

Faculty members are committed to best practices by leveraging technology in the classroom to support curricular instructional activities. Students are instructed to expand their information literacy skills while creating projects, conducting research, developing innovative ideas, sharing content, and organizing information. From grades PreK through 4, we provide a 1:1 iPad program, and from grades 5 through 12, we have a BYOD initiative with device guidelines. 

Lower, Middle, and Upper School students have access to the online CSN Portal, where our Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) resides. Schoology provides a robust platform with an attractive user interface for e-learning opportunities. Faculty members develop online course pages where they post class calendars, homework, assignments, bulletins, discussion boards, blogs, videos, and other resources. The LMS creates a blended classroom where course-related communication and learning extend beyond the classroom walls. 

Dr. Vivienne B. Carr
Director of Learning and Technology