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WordMasters Challenge™ Update

Fourth grader Ariana Sharma recently earned Individual Highest Honors in the 2020-21 WordMasters Challenge™—a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 125,000 students annually.  Competing in the very difficult Gold Division of the WordMasters Challenge™, Ariana earned a cumulative score of 58 out of a possible 60 points over the course of three meets this year.  The highest Honors are reserved for students who place nationally among the top 10-15 students in their division. We are so proud of Ariana for her consistently outstanding performances.

Special recognition also goes out to the LS students ranked in the top 10 places among our CSN students (some students tied) for their cumulative performance in the three WordMasters Challenges this past year:

Third grade: Aidan Sharma, Declan Earp, Isaac Melamed, Valentina Lovse, Kiran Patel, Matthew Ravida, Eric Yowell, Corbin Calleja, Sloane Egbert, Alana Aroy, Burch Summers, Ella Kassolis, Elena Yue, and Stephania Heth.

Fourth grade: Ariana Sharma, Riley Grider, Max Heller, Claire Gleason, Kayden Robinson, Marcello Stevens, Maddie Wruck, Abigail Kalb, Ovie Aldea, Hunter Masters, Peter Barbounis, Millie Massoll, Dalton Leach, Matthew Phelan, Caroline Maurer, and Veer Patel.

Fifth grade: Arabella Ahammad, Harold Hoffman, Ben Cunningham, Myles Freedman, Elliot Norman, Sophie Stergis, Colton Resop, Berkley Young, Olivia Bersh, Stella Massoll, Emma McKoan, Joey Carvelli, Leia Lin, Bahiyyih Ostrom, Duke Shotwell, Bella Michetti, Gemma Schmeiding, Ethan Foster, Wells Summers, and Jamie Van Cise.

Well done all!

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