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Spanish Conferencia

The Spanish Conferencia team earned outstanding results at the 2023 Florida State Spanish Conference held in Orlando this past weekend. Photos here.

Collectively, they earned 2nd place in their division and, individually, all 16 members earned one of the two top awards in the Impromptu category. All team members competed at the AP Language and AP Literature level, which are the most difficult levels in the entire competition. They had the most challenging topics and certainly rose to the occasion.

While this same level of rigor was present in the declamation competition, three of the students that participated earned perfect scores and all six received outstanding scores for their poems. Kudos to Rachel Li '23 for her two perfect scores in both the impromptu and declamation categories. The dramatic presentation also received accolades and earned a 1st place trophy for their outstanding rendition of “Lola la de Paquito.” These results are particularly impressive given that the team registered in the tougher Division II, which had them competing against mostly native speakers.

Adriana Achecar-Romanin '23  also received one of four senior scholarships for her excellent performance in the essay competition. She outscored over 40 students that competed to win one of these coveted awards. We are extremely proud of this team. Bravo!

Conferencia Team 2023 (all students participated in the Impromptu Competition as well)
Victoria Abood ‘24 (dramatic presentation)
Adriana Achecar-Romanin ’23 (dramatic presentation/First place Senior Scholarship Essay)
Anya Brenner ‘24  (declamation)
Christian Diaz ‘24  (dramatic presentation lead role)
Lily Dounchis ‘23  (dramatic presentation)
Megan D’Souza ‘25 (declamation – perfect score)
Melita D’Souza ‘25  (declamation – perfect score)
Santino Galvez ‘24  (dramatic presentation)
Rachel Li '23 (declamation  – perfect score)
MacKenzie Newhall ‘23 (dramatic presentation)
Grace O’Malley ’23 (dramatic presentation lead role)
Caroline Rubin ‘23 (declamation)
Zach Smitley ‘24  (declamation/ perfect impromptu score)
Merril Sonne ‘23 (dramatic presentation)
Katie Whitener ‘24  (dramatic presentation)

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