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Pi Day 2023

Monday was CSN’s Pi Day celebration, a mathematician’s favorite holiday! Photos here.

This year, US students joined their MS schoolmates in the fun.  Once again, Matteo Dal Lago ’28 is the CSN champion at reciting the most digits of π from memory.  John Fontana ’29 was second and Sienna Hartman ’27 came in third.  In addition, Matteo won the honor of pie-ing Mr. Colby!  Dozens of other students took part in Pi Day activities, including playing with soap spheres (bubbles), a ring toss, a Buffon's Needle station (look it up), an Einstein art contest (Pi Day also happens to be Einstein’s birthday!), a cupcake contest, a contest estimating the circumference and area of many large circles on our campus, a circle-drawing contest, a hula hoop contest, a station for creating Pi art and Pi bracelets, games involving circles and spheres, and a writing challenge.  This last one involved writing a 26-word short story beginning with a three-letter word followed by 25 words, each of length corresponding to the digits after the decimal in π: 1415926535897932384626433.  The winner was Abigail Kalb ’29 with her entry, “Eat a roll, I would. Flapjacks or cereal? Would you enjoy pancakes, blueberry waffles, raspberry pie, or egg souffles? What things go better with our day?”

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