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NLI Signing Day

The Moe Kent Family Field House was packed on Wednesday with students, faculty and families to celebrate 11 of CSN’s best scholar-athletes as they signed Letters of Intent to play their sport at the college level.  Photos here.

Coaches spoke on behalf of each one, noting the highlights of their Varsity careers and the hard work it takes to achieve this milestone.  Players responded with gratitude to their families, teachers and coaches for their support, without which they would not be where they are today.

Chase Atterbury (Amherst College - football)  Coach Selvidio said, “Chase is one of the most well rounded football players that I have ever coached…He is a relentless student, servant to his community, and dedicated teammate…Chase has earned his credentials and he’s earned the right to attend one of the very best colleges in the world.”

Darius Beauvoir (U Penn, Wharton School of Business - football)  Again from Coach Selvidio: “Darius’ personal success goes far beyond just football.  He is an extremely gifted student, one of the most respected, well-spoken, and mature students and classmates in the Class of 2023.  He’s a track star and a talented basketball player.  There are too many reasons to count why so many of the best schools in the world wanted Darius to be a part of their program.”

Kiara Cabrera (Lincoln University - basketball)  Coach Crosby said, “Kiara played Varsity for CSN for five years and scored 1,147 career points. She led CSN to a District title and Regional final in 2021, and served as team captain for the 2022-23 team.”

Michael Mario D’ Angelo-Ternent (Carthage College - football)  From Coach Selvidio: “His unselfish demeanor and tenacious play is exactly what is expected from a CSN football player…I trusted that he would be a part of something special – after his freshmen season Michael helped lead our program to back-to-back-to-back playoff appearances for the first time in school history.”

Lily Dounchis (Amherst College - tennis)  Coach Norman said, “She leads by example, dedicating herself to always getting better, and competing intensely…I got a feeling for her competitiveness watching her win the individual state championship last year. Down several match points against a very tricky opponent, she stayed calm, elevated her game, and won the match and the State Championship.”

Ramsey Huggins (Dickinson - lacrosse)  From Coach Lee: “He has great hands around the goal, and his LAX IQ is extremely high…He is a natural leader, and because of this has been named team captain his junior and senior years…Even though Ramsey was only at CSN for a few years, he has left his mark on our school, not only as a student-athlete but more importantly as a community member…On top of all of this, he maintains a 3.9 GPA.”

Grayson Kerscher  (Denison - football)  Coach Selvidio said, “Grayson is a tireless worker.  He would never give up, give in, or disappoint.  Grayson ultimately developed an elite level football IQ too, coupled with great instincts and anticipation, by his senior year he was a coach on the field…Leading by example, Grayson proved to be, without a doubt, the 2022 Most Valuable Player on our team.”

Sophia Min (M.I.T. - tennis)  From Coach Norman:  “She was a finalist in the State Doubles Championship, and watching her and Lily compete in the finals embodies the competitive instinct, teamwork, and fighting spirit that Sophia has…As I came over to debrief on her match, I saw a notebook in front of her, and saw math equations in it that I hadn't seen since my senior year in college. That was a great example of multitasking, which every student-athlete needs to master in their college years.

Mackenzie Newhall (Kalamazoo College - lacrosse)  Coach Tillotson said, “She has been on Varsity since she was in 8th grade...she immediately made an impact, winning the team's MVP while still in middle school. She continued to be the backbone of the team, with the flexibility and skills to play nearly all positions, and she did so without any fuss and with a smile on her face."

Alexis Purdy (Purdue-Fort Wayne - soccer)  From Coach Jenna:  “Alexis not only has natural talent and intelligence, but her character is that of a tireless worker, giving her absolute all in everything she does.  Her drive becomes contagious and is a motivating factor for most she encounters, particularly her teammates/classmates.”

Emma Smith (Franklin & Marshall - lacrosse)  Coach Queener said, “She is a two-time captain, All-District, All-Region, and 2022 All-American. She has scored more than 100 goals in less than three seasons.”

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