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Movin’ On Up

CSN works hard to ease the transitions for students between divisions, emphasizing that we are one school, PreK3-12. 

Fourth and 5th graders recently visited the MS, and 8th graders spent time in the US. On Nov. 9, the US welcomed the current 8th graders to spend the morning in US classes.  The 85 MS students were paired with a student from the US whom they followed to each of their classes.  The US teachers were happy to see the 8th graders engaged in challenging classes, some of them even at the senior or AP level!  As part of the morning’s events, the students and their hosts attended an assembly with a Q&A panel of current CSN freshmen who attended CSN last year for 8th grade.  The students on the panel spoke about their transition to the US and what the 8th graders should expect next year.

Then 18 MS teachers welcomed 4th and 5th graders to mini-classes this past week. Teachers created 20-minute lessons to present to soon-to-be MS students as a taste of what is to come. MS teachers and students loved sharing time with LS visitors. They were collectively impressed by 4th and 5th grade energy, engagement, and enthusiasm. Forty mini-classes were taught, from an enunciation workshop titled “The Rain in Spain” to “Mystery Theatre Charades” in which students played competitive games of thespian charades; from “All Roads Lead to Rome” which required students to determine the total number of pathways that exist between two points on a coordinate plane, to “Minute to Win It: Model United Nations” where 4th and 5th grade students participated in a fast-paced activity that gave them a snapshot of what Model UN is all about: problem-solving and working together. These are just a few of the wonderful experiences shared!

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