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LS “Graduations”

CSN Kindergartners and 5th graders each had their moments on stage to celebrate their own "graduation" ceremonies.

On Friday, May 20, CSN celebrated our kindergarten students at the Kindergarten Continuation.  The children wowed the audience with their songs. It was a heartfelt moment seeing them on the G&L stage in their caps and gowns and receiving their diplomas.  We look forward to seeing these young students continue to shine in first grade.  Click here for photos.

Then, on Wednesday, May 25, 5th grade students proudly celebrated their LS years at the Stepping-Up Ceremony.  After receiving their diplomas, students and families watched the 5th grade video with excitement as they saw pictures of themselves and classmates from kindergarten on.  It was a lovely moment to remember the fond memories they have shared over the years.  We wish our 5th graders well in MS, and hope they will visit the LS next year.  Click here for photos.

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