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Hour of Code 2023

On Thursday, the entire school participated in our annual Hour of Code activity organized by the US Computer Science Club and Mr. Ostrom. Photos here.

MS students met in advisory to tackle a variety of activities offered on the Hour of Code website. They spent 30 minutes exploring coding activities that used primarily scratch (or block based) programming or the Python language. Advisories competed against each other in a friendly manner to generate some additional interest and motivation.

This was also a Buddy Day event where LS and US buddies worked together to code and learn, illustrating our core value of scholarship. US students also exhibited leadership, and LS students displayed their citizenship.

Since 2013, the Hour of Code organization (hourofcode.com) has offered students the opportunity to learn coding in a fun, non-threatening way. It is now a worldwide event in over 180 countries with 1.5 billion students having participated over the past 10 years.

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