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Honoring Veterans

CSN commemorated Veterans Day in all three divisions, as we honored those who have served in the U.S. military.

Officer Ken Pino, a member of CSN’s security team, addressed our US students about his experience in the U.S. Air Force where he served as a communications analyst and an air intelligence officer all over the world. He spoke about how he intercepted Soviet communications during and after the Vietnam War. Officer Pino attained the rank of Major before retiring from the military and continuing on to law school on the GI Bill.  He talked about how he not only enjoyed his time experiencing the world through the military, but also how grateful he is for the assistance he received for his education. In addition, his VA health benefits have been a lifesaver, literally, as he has aged. Thank you Officer Pino for your service!

MS students attended an assembly in which 8th grader Thomas Lovse spoke about the "Through Their Eyes" veterans book CSN students created a few years ago, and reminded his classmates to be respectful of veterans. Here is the PowerPoint he presented. 

And in the LS, Dr. Watson spoke to students about service as he told the story of his great-grandfather who perished during the Battle of Ypres in the First World War. MS teacher Mrs. Stevens also addressed our youngest students attired in red, white and blue. She asked them “What is a veteran?” and “What is Veterans Day?” and gave them suggestions on how to show gratitude to those who have served. She explained that veterans can be 18 years old to over 100 years old, they can be men or women, and can be from all walks of life. The best moment was when she told them that our favorite CSN veteran was Officer Ken Becker, and they cheered him as he watched from the balcony!

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