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Honor Society Inductions

CSN recently held its Honor Society Induction Ceremony before parents of the inductees and their classmates the US.

Dr. Watson opened the proceedings by addressing the assembled students: “You have identified your strengths and interests and, thanks partly to this school and the adults in this room, have been able to pursue them in myriad different fields…Given the complex, interconnected global world in which you will live and work and the difficult problems that your generation will need to tackle, there will be a particular premium on innovative thinking going forward…keep being amazed and astonished and excited and optimistic about your learning. Remain impassioned.”

Mr. Fleming stepped to the podium to explain the purpose of CSN’s Honor Societies: “to celebrate academic accomplishments, promote scholarship and love of learning, foster service through peer tutoring, and enable leadership opportunities…Today we are inducting over 120 students into 13 different honor societies, a testament to our exceptional faculty and students for achieving such high results.”  Dr. Johnson first recognized the nine National Merit Commended Scholars, Gabrielle Caito, Jonah Findlay-McDougal, Loren Freedman, Sergi Guzman-Huesca, Lucan Keyser, Olivia Lipman, Sophia Min, Nathan Panek and Sarah Patel; and the two Semifinalists, Henry Donath and Aliq Jivani.

Mr. Fleming then recognized the newest members of the Cum Laude Society, the seniors in the top 10% of their class: Gabrielle Caito, Caroline Guerra, Aliq Jivani, Lucan Keyser, Olivia Lipman, Sophia Min, Mary-Catherine O'Brien, Sarah Patel, Samuel Sissman and Elad Yitzhak.

Next, Anya Brenner, President of the CSN chapter of the National Art Honor Society led the new inductees in a recital of their membership oath, as did Kate Gaul (in Chinese) as President of the National Chinese Honor Society, Lucan Keyser for Computer Science, Caroline Rubin for English, Reva Patel (in French) for the French National Honor Society, Ali Lagergren for Latin, William Zhang for Math, Max Goldberg for Music, Caroline Guerra for Science, Henry Donath for Rho Kappa (Social Sciences), Merrill Sonne in Spanish for La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, and Ali Lagergren, this time for the International Thespian (Theater) Society. 

Click here to view the presentation listing all the student inductees, and here for a photo gallery. After this ceremony, about 70% of our current juniors and seniors are in at least one Honor Society!

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