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MS Participates in HAWKMUNC V

Twenty-one members of the MS Model United Nations elective course stayed late after school on Friday, Nov. 11 to attend the 5th Annual HAWKMUNC, hosted by the CSN US Model U.N. Club. 

Students acted as delegates of various nations and worked within their committees to debate, negotiate and try to resolve two world issues: rising sea levels and trafficking of human organs.  Awards were given for the best-written position paper, outstanding delegate, and best delegate.  The following students were recipients of awards for their preparation for and participation in HAWKMUNC:
Trafficking of Human Organs (UN Office on Drugs & Crime):
- Best Position Paper: George Barbounis ‘27
- Outstanding Delegate: Myles Freedman ‘28
- Best Delegate: Maxwell Dockweiler ‘27
Rising Sea Levels (UN Environmental Programme):
- Best Position Paper: Arabella Ahammad ‘28
- Outstanding Delegate: Ariana Sharma ‘29
- Best Delegate: Kayden Robinson ‘29

Coaches Ms. MacLean and Ms. Stasik were incredibly proud of the determination and grit that the students brought to the conference, and look forward to seeing them tackle world problems to create global initiatives in the next two conferences this quarter.

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