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Guest Speakers Address Our Psych Students

It's so wonderful that we are once again able to invite guest speakers to our campus!

AP Psychology students and Psychology Club members recently welcomed Dr. Robert Ouaou, a local neuropsychologist and CSN parent of senior Benjamin Ouaou.  Dr. Ouaou discussed his path to becoming a neuropsychologist, which was launched as an undergrad at Temple University and culminated in a post-doctorate degree from the University of Maryland.  His interest in the field began while working in a brain injury surgery center.  He has vast experience as a forensic neuropsychologist, which has often led to him being called to evaluate and testify in criminal court proceedings. Dr. Ouaou shared very relevant information on the developing adolescent brain.  He also has many years of experience working with traumatic brain injury cases for the NFL and clients with Alzheimer's and dementia. We thank Dr. Ouaou for the valuable work that he does and for taking the time to share this with our students.

In addition, our Criminal Psychology students were able to hear from one of our own, Head of Security Ken Becker.  Officer Becker discussed his 30-year career as a law enforcement veteran of the Collier County Sheriff's Dept.  He served many roles while employed with CCSO, including at the Special Victims Bureau for Children.  He shared the process of how detectives go about solving crimes, the emotional aspects of the job and steps students can take if interested in pursuing a career in the field of Criminal Justice.  We are grateful for Officer Becker's service to Collier County and our school community.

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