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French Congrès

Last weekend, CSN’s team won 2nd place in the state at the French Congrès competition in Orlando.

Our students performed magnificently! They competed against 22 other schools, with between 400-500 total students participating. The different awards are Bon, Excellent, Supérior and Prix du Jury (for some categories given to the best performance). Arianna Ruemler ‘25 (French 2) sang Carmen by Bizet and was asked to sing it again at the banquet in front of the French Consul! Other awards were:

Tariq Morame level 1 Superior
Taylor Burchill level 1 Excellent
Mia Schmielding level 2 Excellent
Tyler Fox level 2 Superior
Molly Maruoka level 3 Superior
Annabelle Boyar level 4 Excellent
Naomi Galotto level 4 Excellent
Marie-Catherine O’Brien level 5 Prix du Jury
Reva Patel level 5 Superior

Nadia Sondrini level 1 Excellent
Arianna Ruemler level 2 Excellent
David Galotto level 4 Superior
Emmauelle Gordon level 5 Superior

Album: French Inventions
Sophia Sinberg Superior

Projet: Painting
Olivia Piri Superior

Play French 1: Superior
Amanda Renteria
Nadia Sondrini
Treaden Henry
Brent Sonne
Jack Dreith

Play AP French: Superior
Este Cadiou
Sophia Min
Emmanuelle Gordon
Reva Patel
Marie-Catherine O'Brien

San Vo level 2 Superior 
Ava Solimine level 2 Excellent 
Liam Casey level 4 Superior 
Sophia Korunda level 4 Excellent 
Anna Hobdari level 1 Superior 
Lydia Abidova level 1 Superior
Abigail Chiaramonte level 3 Superior 
Lucas Barakett level 3 Superior
Emma Fraser level 5 Superior
Sophia Min level 5 Superior 

Trivia: Excellent
David Galotto
Sophia Min
Marie-Catherine O'Brien

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