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Escape Room in Intro to MUN

MS students in the Introduction to Model United Nations elective have been working hard on public speaking, argumentative writing, and the art of persuasion.

At the midpoint of Quarter 1, the class switched gears to look at the history, purpose and organization of the United Nations.  To add an element of fun to learning this information, while also incorporating problem-solving and collaboration, students participated in an Escape Room.  While all groups managed to escape before the end of class, Kayden Robinson ‘29, Sofi Urbina Gonzales ‘28 and Luca Hains ‘29 had the fastest time for A-day, while Sebastian Mogull ‘27, Gabbie Groff ‘27, Luke Halcom ‘28 and Peter Barbounis ‘29 beat the clock for B-day.  These students will all be well prepared to compete someday at the US level!

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