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Engaging Locally and Globally

This past weekend, 20 US students participated in the 6th Annual Gulf Coast Shark Model United Nations Conference, a two-day event in which 250 students from area schools convened to discuss and debate the issue of “Technology as an Agent of Change.”

The delegates were engaged in global debates and policymaking related to broad issue such as immigration, poverty, security, education, and freedom of the press.  Students encountered real-life issues facing the actual United Nations, and worked to familiarize themselves with the acronyms the world hears so much about: UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific, & Cultural Organization), DISEC (Disarmament & International Security Committee), and WHO (World Health Organization). 

Freshman Will Gavin’s committee “helped establish new protocols and associations/agencies to prevent the abuse, production, transfer, or manipulation of biochemical weapons, as well as defining the terms of psychological warfare and its major components.”  Juniors Sohum Thakkar, Megan Headrick, Zachary Dahlquist, and Anya Brenner, representing the UNHCR (United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees), “faced the technological and financial issues of educating, providing jobs, and housing for new refugees worldwide.”  Of special note, sophomore Sadie Lipman was honored as Best Delegate on her committee. As Peter McIndoe, a fictional delegate from the Bavarian Illuminati, Sadie worked with historical figures from different periods (Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Jeff Bezos), to create plans and directives that gave the Bavarian Illuminati more global power.  “I love MUN,” Sadie said, “and will absolutely be grasping every opportunity presented to me.”

Each week, Model UN and Harvard Model Congress meet to prepare for out-of-school competitions.  CSN will host their next competition later this fall in their annual HawkMUNC, which serves as preparation for both teams as they head to national and international competitions in San Francisco (HMC) in January, Berlin (MUN) in February, and New York (MUN) in March.

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