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CSN Valedictorian Passes Actuarial Science Exam
Shuchi Shukla

Every year CSN’s US offers an Advanced Topics in Mathematics class for students who have completed AP Calculus BC (the highest math class in most high schools). Taught by Ms. Pegnetter this year, AT Math students learned Actuarial Science, which uses advanced probability, statistics, and calculus to conduct risk assessments for the insurance and finance industry.

One student, Class of 2021 Valedictorian Jordan Hochman, decided to go beyond the classroom learning and take the Actuarial Exam in Probability, an extremely challenging standardized test taken by college math majors to become professional actuaries. Among all test takers, the pass rate is only 30-40%, with very few (if any) high school students taking this exam. To still be in high school and achieve such an impressive result speaks to Jordan’s talent, dedication, and passion for all things mathematical.

Jordan has been a true math mentor to his peers and teachers alike. The CSN Math Department is so excited for Jordan, who is off to study mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania, to end his CSN career with such an impressive accomplishment. Congratulations! 

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