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CSN Robots Qualify for Worlds
Shuchi Shukla

Fledgling LS Robotics Program Takes Big Step Up

Fifth graders Harold Hoffmann, Tyler Foland, and Ben Cunningham on Robot Team 94D went to the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Online Robotics Championship on Tuesday -- topping their personal best robot skills score!  In the Driving Trials, they came short of the two-row bonus by millimeters but still earned their season's best.  In the Autonomous Trials (coding), they achieved their 14-point objective on the last trial!  Each time they interacted directly with live referees over webcam and large screen monitors.  94D is the first CSN Elementary robot team to advance to the VEX Robotics World Championship.

Sophomore Robot Team 94G Breaks into Worlds Finals Bracket

Noah Cartwright, Lucan Keyser, and Sammy Sissman ended the two days of qualifications placing 8th in their division, allowing them to enter the Saturday quarterfinals where they were knocked out.  94G was one among 821 robots in their class (metal VRC) to go to the VEX Robotics World Championship this year.  Overall 94G ranked in the top 100 robots from North America.  Since 2021, this annual VEX Robotics Championship has been the world's largest event of its kind by far, now with 30 countries participating.

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