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Buddy Day is Back!

On Thursday, LS and US students came together to celebrate our quarterly Buddy Day event.  Click here for photo gallery.

This wonderful tradition was created by Emily Doyle ‘99, then US Student Council president, and Mrs. Rochette, US teacher.  Their goal was to bring the divisions together to help build the bonds of our CSN community. This time-honored tradition has become a favorite day for all students, but due to past COVID restrictions, only the seniors had experience as US buddies. However, most US students who were at CSN in LS still remember the names of their buddies, and they have a strong desire to form a relationship with their young buddies.

This year, Buddy Days are focusing on our four new core values: Citizenship, Stewardship, Scholarship, and Leadership.  For this quarter, students spent time getting to know one another and discussed Citizenship.  Our PreK3 students talked with their US buddies about ways to be a good citizen, and then made a chain with citizenship words to hang in their classrooms to remind them that we can all come together to make the world a better place. PreK4 students, knowing that good friends make good citizens, made friendship bracelets with their buddies.  Kindergarten students learned that first-class citizens are helpful, kind, and responsible. To show how responsible they are, the kindergartners showed their US buddies how to tie their shoes!  First grade students drew pictures of themselves and their buddies on heart-shaped paper. They then wrote ways they can be good citizens on stars. Their beautiful artwork is now proudly on display in their classrooms to help remind them how they can be good citizens each day at school. Second grade students brainstormed character traits of citizenship and then used sidewalk chalk to write the words and illustrate ways people can show citizenship. Our third through fifth graders know that good citizens are kind and respect one another. These buddies lived up to this value by taking the time to interview their buddies to get to know them and to learn from their examples.

All the students are looking forward to their next Buddy Day event, when they will meet to work on the next core value: Stewardship.

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