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A Word from the CSN Medical Director
Shuchi Shukla

Here are the pillars of the CSN COVID policy, and the rationale behind them:

  • Vaccines are strongly encouraged as the best defense against complicated COVID.
    • It is rare for vaccinated individuals to have complicated COVID.
    • Complicated COVID is rare in healthy children.
  • Do not come to CSN (or stay at CSN) if you are ill!
    • Zero tolerance for contagious symptoms at CSN will help ensure a low viral load environment.
    • Respiratory infections are (and have always been) a reality at schools, but most COVID is contracted away from school.
  • Consult your physician for advice about symptoms and/or exposures.
    • Anxiety levels increase with increased speculation and discussion of others’ private health information.
  • Masks are optional and welcomed at CSN.
    • Assume the person next to you has (pre-symptomatic) COVID, and act according to your comfort level.
    • Consider wearing an N95 mask if you are at risk or if you are concerned.
    • There is little evidence that standard surgical masks or cloth masks prevent the transmission of Delta COVID, which is highly contagious.
    • There is no evidence that standard surgical masks or cloth masks have any effect outdoors.
  • We will continue to closely monitor absences at CSN, and respond accordingly.
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