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3rd Annual Seahawk Speech Tournament

Thirty-nine CSN students from all three divisions participated the 3rd Annual Seahawk Speech Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 8.

All the students gained valuable public speaking experience, participating in three rounds of competition. Top honors, 1st or 2nd place, were earned by the following CSN students (listed in alphabetical order):  Prose/Dramatic Interpretation: Samanatha Calleja ‘26, Tucker Claremont ‘25, Tadeusz Potocki ‘24; Storytelling: Truman Mitchell ‘29, Sophia Ustayev ‘29, Bahiyyih Ostrom ‘28, Emmanuelle Gordon ‘25; Poetry: Jolie Mansson ‘28, Sales: Emmey Siek ‘27, Lucca LaTerra ‘26; Oratory: Aidan Sharma ‘30, Ariana Sharma ‘29, Olivia Piri ‘24; Impromptu: Kayden Robinson ‘29, Will Gavin ‘26, Mimi Goldberg ‘26, Noah Mansson ‘26, Jacob Roth ‘26, Annabelle Scott ‘26, Asher Carriero ‘24,  and Sonia Patel ‘24. A big thank you to speech judges Dr. Beagle, Mr. Carpentier, Mr. Colby, Miss Lefebvre, Mrs. MacLean, Mr. Phimister, Mrs. Potocki, and Mrs. Stasik. An additional thank you to Mrs. Tang who ran the speech tabulation room. All participants received a certificate, speech medal, and mini-bundt cake in celebration of a Saturday morning well spent. Strong public speaking skills come with authentic, challenging practice.

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