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2nd Annual CSN STEM Fair

On Friday night, Jan. 7, both the US and MS celebrated research at our 2nd Annual CSN STEM Fair.

STEM-based clubs organized activities for the whole family, US science classes presented their research projects, competitive research students defended their work for judges, and our 6th graders presented their innovative ideas to our Science National Honor Society students.  In total, 175 projects were on display, representing the work of over 350 CSN students. 

The work presented by the 6th grade students was creative and impressive.  The SNHS students scored them on a variety of parameters.  The results are as follows: 

  • 1st Best in Fair: Duke Shotwell and Colton Resop (Toad Taser)
  • 2nd Best in Fair: Arabella Ahammad and Sofia Collado (Python Trap)
  • 3rd Best in Fair: Matteo Dal Lago and Harold Hoffmann (The Panther Shield)

Joining our 6th grade Best in Fair winners at the Collier County Regional Fair on Jan. 28 will be Luke Halcom and Bahiyyih Ostrom, Luke Mitchell and Sebastian Weddell, Bella Michetti and Olivia Bersh, Ethan Foster and Will Brown, and Myles Freedman and Joey Pavich.

Competitive projects from our US Independent Research and Principles of Research classes were judged by professional members of our community and parent volunteers.  Thank you to all who supported this endeavor.  If you stopped to talk to our students about their projects, you would find them confident, well versed in their subjects, and passionate about their topics.  Although the competition was tight, the results are as follows: 

  • 1st Best in Fair: Caroline Guerra ‘23 (Bioplastics from Banana Peels)
  • 2nd Best in Fair: Tim Koeppl ‘24 (Potentially Neurotoxic Food Dyes: Impacts on Social Interactions Modelled with Formicidae sp)
  • 3rd Best in Fair: Amaya Etcheverry ‘24 (Phytoplankton in air purification: Utilizing Novel Treatment Strategies to Improve Air Quality While Producing a Reliable Nutrient Supplement Using Coconut Husk and Charcoal with Chlorella vulgaris and Spirulina major)

Additional representatives who will compete in the Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis Science and Engineering Fair are Megan D’Souza ’25, Melita D’Souza ’25, Loren Freedman ’23, Kate Kaplan ’22, and Bianca Trope ’24.  Additional representatives to the Regional Inventors Fair are Megan D’Souza ’25, Amaya Etcheverry ’24, Caroline Guerra ’23, Lucan Keyser ’23, Sonia Patel ’24, and Bianca Trope ’24.

Ms. Kelly Percivall, the CSN Director of Research, led the team that organized the Fair.  She sends a special thank you to the CSN science faculty:  “It wasn’t easy to guide our students through the research process and it required additional time, energy, and effort.  I want to thank you for your dedication to the advancement of our students, and I am honored to work with you.”

Click here to view a photo gallery.

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