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2023 All-School Seahawk Speech Tournament

Communication coach Nick Moran, in his article titled Why We Fear Public Speaking and How to Overcome It, says only 10 percent of the population “experience no fear and get a huge buzz being in front of a large crowd. 

Another 10% are genuinely terrified.” And, Moran goes on to note, the middle 80% of speakers still battle with butterflies and nerves.

Public speaking is a needed competency, so practice is essential. Last Saturday morning, 108 students signed on to tackle the 2023 Seahawk Speech Tournament. Students spent the morning in presentation-mode, cycling through three rounds of competition, expending courage and energy. While students had different levels of preparedness and comfort in front of an audience, all students left the tournament with valuable public speaking experience. A big congratulations to all who participated, including students from Naples Christian Academy! And a big thank you to the 22 CSN teachers who served as speech judges. US Science teacher Kelly Percivall said, “The students were amazing and I struggled to do my best ranking them when they were all so good.” The annual Seahawk Speech Tournament is open to students in grades 4-12. The next tournament will be held in January 2024.

US Storytelling
1st Place: Priya Anjali Deonarine (10)
MS Storytelling
1st Place: Emmey Siek (8)
2nd Place: Tyler Foland (7), Bahihyih Ostrom (7)
3rd Place: Julia Papenfuss (7), Elliott Norman (7), Stella Massoll (7)
US Poetry
1st Place: Adeline Brown (12)
MS Poetry
1st Place Arabella Ahammad (7)
2nd Place: Ariana Sharma (6
3rd Place Aruna Deonarine (7), Sophia Ustayev (6)
US Prose/Drama
1st Place: Tadeusz Potocki (11)
MS Prose/Drama
1st Place: Berkley Young (7)
2nd Place: George Barbounis (8)
LS Prose/Drama
1st Place: Katherine Prebish (4)
2nd Place: Pearl Owen (4)
US Impromptu
1st Place: Asher Carriero (11)
2nd Place: Mimi Goldberg (9)
3rd Place: Sonia Patel (11), Anthony Avola (9), Jonah Miller (9)
MS Impromptu
1st Place: Harold Hoffman (7)
2nd Place: Truman Mitchell (6)
3rd Place Myles Freedman (7)
LS Oratory
1st Place: Lilian Hughes (5)
MS Oratory
1st Place: Abigail Dean (8)
2nd Place: Grace Savage (8), Grace Shahraki (7)
3rd Place: Luke Halcom (7), Jagelys Carrion Paulino (8)
LS Sales
1st Place: Aidan Sharma (5)
MS Sales1st Place: Matthew Patskan (7), Sarina Weng (7)
2nd Place Lexi Clark (7)
3rd Place: Nick Barac (7), Matteo Del Lago (7), Luca Musico (7)

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