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Special Olympics Presentations

On Thursday, March 21, students in the MS and US celebrated the lasting impact of Special Olympics and its founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

US students listened to a presentation in assembly which celebrated Eunice Kennedy Shriver as part of Women’s History Month, and let students take part in her lasting legacy around the world and on our campus. The presentation was highlighted by a personalized video to CSN from Mr. Timothy Shriver, son of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and current Chairman of Special Olympics International. This incredible video was made possible by the dogged enthusiasm of CSN student and Camp Shriver volunteer, Will Gavin '26. In the special video, Mr. Shriver congratulates CSN on carrying on his mother’s legacy, and helps commemorate her achievements and that of his organization as part of Women’s History Month. The video can be viewed here.

Through her leadership at the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, Eunice Kennedy Shriver was instrumental in the passage of numerous laws in the 1960s and later, which saw people with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive government protection and support. She would go on to host the first Camp Shriver in 1962 and founded Special Olympics in 1968. Today, Special Olympics is one of the most widely respected international organizations in the world, spanning nearly every country.

After the assembly, students returned to advisory to learn about CSN’s own involvement in Special Olympics, namely our hosting of Camp Shriver on our campus each summer. The students also made personalized signs for each athlete playing in the STARability All-Star Basketball game which was hosted on CSN’s campus on Friday, March 22.

Finally, at lunch, both MS and US students had the opportunity to take part in our Special Olympics Unified Champion School spring campaign called “Spread the Word.” This campaign asks students to sign a banner, pledging to not use language designed to diminish the value of another person. As a school, we committed that words like “retarded” have no place in our community. CSN is proud to be a Special Olympics Unified Champion School and are encouraged by the number of students who seek to create a world where everyone is included, no matter their ability.

Photos from the session can be viewed here.

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