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Our Mission

Committed to academic excellence, Community School of Naples inspires and empowers students to realize their own potential as engaged learners and responsible global citizens.

Our Vision

To be a world-class independent school, meeting our mission in memorable ways for the benefit of every student, every day.

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Academic Excellence

CSN is committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities for every student, every day.  We offer a comprehensive and challenging curriculum focused on academic rigor; opportunities in athletics and the arts, both fine and performing; and character development.

Dynamic Teachers

The value of an educational program can only be determined by the teachers delivering that program. It is the combined knowledge CSN teachers have of both their students and our school’s standards that set us apart from other schools.

Beautiful and Safe Campus

The health and safety of our students are at the forefront of every decision we make. We are proud to offer our students a safe, healthy, and beautiful campus, where they are able to thrive.

Comprehensive Athletics

Our robust athletic program benefits our students in numerous ways. Participating in team sports helps our students build confidence and develop leadership skills in an environment that fosters camaraderie and community.

Innovative Technology

Emerging discoveries about how people learn, rapid advancements in technology, and heightened awareness of student expectations serve as drivers for our innovative curriculum. A well-supported, technology-rich learning environment is central to the exceptional learning experiences provided to our student.

Fine and Performing Arts

At CSN we believe that understanding and participating in the arts is an essential part of a student’s educational experience. We strive to give all CSN students a solid foundation and appreciation in the performing, visual, and creative arts.