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Our Mission

Committed to academic excellence, Community School of Naples inspires and empowers students to realize their own potential as engaged learners and responsible global citizens.

Our Vision

To be a world-class independent school, meeting our mission in memorable ways for the benefit of every student, every day.

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The Community School of Naples admissions team is eager to meet you! We encourage you to schedule a tour to learn more about the CSN difference.


Our students explore possibilities, acquire skills and test their knowledge. They theorize, strategize and tackle intellectual challenges, giving them confidence to take their place in this world and become significant contributors to our globally connected society.

Fine & Performing Arts

At CSN we believe that understanding and participating in the arts is an essential part of a quality education. We strive to give all CSN students a solid foundation in both fine and performing.


Our robust athletic program benefits our students in numerous ways. Participating in team sports helps our students build confidence and develop leadership skills in an environment that fosters camaraderie and community.

Campus Life

We provide communication and resources to keep our students and families engaged and connected. Developing strong relationships helps us to support and enrich the health, well-being, and success of each student.

Support CSN

Your gift is an investment in the education of every CSN student.  Each heartfelt gift, regardless of size, is valued as we nurture a culture of stewardship that is vital to our school.  Every student, every day, will benefit from the commitment and partnership of our collective capacity.